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Ancient Music(Li Tianyuan)

Li Tianyuan
Research fellow of the Archaeological Institute of Hubei This is the skull from the No. 10 coffin in the western chamber. She is the youngest in age. Why did they die at such a young age? Was it because of war, or conspiracy?


 Li Tianyuan:

The bones of the 21 females buried with the owner were basically complete without trace of wounds. So we inferred that they were ordered to commit suicide, and that their deaths weren't painful. Who knows what those young girls were thinking about? They must have been the favorite concubines of the master. Perhaps it was because of this that they must follow their master even to death. However, who was the master of these girls?
The excavation still carried on. People discovered that this tomb was different from the other tombs excavated in the past. The whole tomb is in the shape of an irregular polygon, which is rather rare among Chinese ancient tombs that deem symmetry as beauty.

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